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How to Choose a Safe and Healthy Pet Food

Your pets’ health is determined by what they eat. With so many options out there, choosing the right food can be a daunting task. Well, let’s look at how to wade through the food aisle and come up with the best healthy food for your pet.

Determine the dietary needs of your pet

In order to determine how many calories your pet needs, you should check the age, activity level, and reproductive status. For example, a growing young puppy will need more calories than an old dog. However, it’s good to note that calories should not just come from one type of nutrient. At the same time, talk to your veterinarian on how to deal with your pet’s caloric needs. The advice given should be based on the current health of your pet.  Here is some help with what to feed your pet.

Check the list of ingredients

Don’t be fooled by advertisements on magazines and TV’s. Although fresh ingredients could tempt you to try the foods, most of them don’t live to their promises. In fact, marketing labels like `natural’ may sound good, but may not have the actual definition recognized by FDA. To determine whether the ingredients are authentic, check the AAFCO label. This guarantees the food you choose has the right nutritional requirements.

Look at the preservatives

Preservatives are used to extend the shelf life of the pet products. They come in natural or artificial form. The best preservatives come in from of antioxidant. However, the moment you see a preservative like Ethoxyquin or Sodium Metabisulphite, that’s a red flag. It’s advisable that you choose those foods with natural preservatives.

Compare the ingredients between the different brands

Giving your pet dry food or canned food can be a matter choice. You are required to do some analysis on the nutritional content in the diet. Although most pet foods will consist of proteins, you should consider the amount of moisture on the diet. This will help you compare the foods that come in different formulations. If you want to identify the amount of protein, fat and fiber, check the `proximate analysis’ label.

Find a fresh package of food

Once you’ve identified the type of food you need for your pet, ensure it’s still fresh. Always check the sell by date on the container. Similarly, make sure the bag of food is intact before you buy.

A pet should not live on one type of food even if it’s healthy and nutritious. Variety is a must for your pet’s health and well-being. Finally, only feed your pet with digestible food.